STOLTZ, Johan “Heinrich” & Gertrude

Cliff McCarthy, 2016

Johan “Heinrich” Stoltz was born in Germany about 1704 and immigrated to the U.S. aboard the Edinburg, landing at Philadelphia on 2 October 1753. He is listed on the ship’s passenger lists with his son, Johannes Petter Stoltz, age 20. Since he was almost 50 at the time of his immigration, it is assumed that Johan Heinrich was married, but his wife Gertrude is not listed on the passenger lists. Perhaps, she and the other children joined him in America at a later date. Nothing is known about Gertrude.

Johan Heinrich purchased 138 acres at Prospect Plains, New Jersey. Later, Prospect Plains would become a station on the Camden & Amboy Railroad. Cornelius Van Doren and “Henry” Stults were among the earliest settlers, according to Where the Raritan Flows, by Earl Schenck Miers.

Johan Heinrich Stoltz died at Lawrence Brook, Middlesex Co., NJ on 22 June 1789 of lockjaw.


Children of Johan “Heinrich” & Gertrude STOLTZ

JOHAN “HEINRICH” STOLTZ was born 1704 in Germany, and died 22 June 1789 in Lawrence Brook, Middlesex Co., NJ.  He married GERTRUDE in Germany. The Children of JOHAN STOLTZ and GERTRUDE are:

i.    ENGEL STULTS, m. JESINA, Abt. 1760.
ii.    JOHANNES “PETER” STULTS, b. 1733, Germany; d. 1805, New Jersey; m. ELIZABETH MYNHEER; d. Bef. 1806.
iii.    CATHERINE STULTS, b. Abt. 1736.
iv.    MARGARET STULTS, b. Abt. 1738.
v.    MARY ANN STULTS, b. 1744, Germany; d. 19 February 1826, New Brunswick, Middlesex Co., NJ; m. FREDERICK OUTCALT; b. 8 February 1735/36, New Brunswick, Middlesex Co., NJ; d. 16 August 1818, New Brunswick, Middlesex Co., NJ.



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