BUCKINGHAM, John & Frances (Hooper)

Cliff McCarthy, 2016

In the early days of the colonies, bringing settlers to the New World was rewarded with grants of land. The earliest evidence of John Buckingham is in the following excerpt from such a warrant recorded in the colony of Maryland, dated January the 20th, 1669 (Old Style):

“Came John Abbington of Calvert County and proved right unto Seven hundred acres of land it being due him for transporting these persons following (viz) John Buckingham, Benjm Cooke, Thomas Evenden, Hannah Ardes, John Ely, William Wilford, William Stut, John Barnaby, Thomas Hickford, James Clark, Ann Allen, Mary Tempest, Ann Eaton, ffrancis Smith into this province to inhabite.”


In January of 1697/8*, John Buckingham married Frances Hooper. They gave birth to three children before Frances died in October 1720. John Buckingham died on February 13, 1723/4.

Some question whether this John Buckingham is the same person as John Buckingham, Jr., who married Hannah Gosnell. The rationale for the “Two John Buckinghams Theory” is presented here.


* These dates predate the change from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar in September of 1752. Before then, the year began on March 25. Dates between January 1 and March 25 list both the current and succeeding year, separated by a slash mark. Under today’s calendar, January 31, 1720/1 would be January 31, 1721.


Children of John & Frances (Hooper) BUCKINGHAM

JOHN BUCKINGHAM died 13 February 1722/23 in St. Margaret’s Parish, A.A. Co., MD.  He married FRANCES HOOPER January 1696/97 in St. Margaret’s Parish, A.A. Co., MD.  She died 5 October 1720 in St. Margaret’s Parish, A.A. Co., MD. The Children of JOHN BUCKINGHAM and FRANCES HOOPER are:

i.    THOMAS BUCKINGHAM, b. 4 July 1698, St. Margaret’s Westminster Parish; d. Bef. November 1750; m. MARY SLADE?, Bef. 2 April 1726.
ii.    JOHN BUCKINGHAM, JR., b. 28 October 1700, St. Margaret’s Parish, A.A. Co., MD; d. Bef. 30 April 1741, St. Margaret’s Parish, A.A.Co., MD; m. HANNAH GOSNELL, 31 January 1719/20, prob. St. Anne’s Parish, A.A. Co., MD; d. Aft. 1741.
iii.    ANN BUCKINGHAM, b. 13 November 1703, St. Margaret’s Westminster Parish, A.A. Co.



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