PUNDERSON, David & Thankful (Todd)

Cliff McCarthy, 2016

David Punderson was the son of David & Sarah (Alling) Punderson, born at New Haven on 29 June 1718. He was baptised that same day.

He married Thankful Todd, daughter of John & Hannah (Butler) Todd, on 20 December 1739 at New Haven.

In 1758, David’s brother Daniel Punderson, formerly of New Haven, died in Dutchess County, New York. Daniel’s wife Sarah was appointed administratrix of his estate, but since Daniel owned land and property in New Haven, David was asked to handle the sale of his property. In December of 1758, David Punderson offered for sale the farm of the late Daniel Punderson in Crum Elbow in a section of Dutchess County known as the Great Nine Partners. Further probate proceedings took place in 1761 in Connecticut with David as administrator.

In August of 1770, James Lockwood offered a reward for the recovery of his horse, which had been stolen from David Punderson’s pasture.

David Punderson died at New Haven on 5 May 1777 at age 59. Thankful died either 6 or 7 March 1798.


Connecticut Journal, 15 March 1798


Children of David & Thankful (Todd) Punderson

DAVID PUNDERSON was born 29 June 1718 in New Haven, CT, and died 5 May 1777.  He married THANKFUL TODD 20 December 1739 in New Haven, CT, daughter of JOHN TODD and HANNAH BUTLER.  She was born 18 July 1717 in New Haven, CT, and died 7 March 1798. The Children of THANKFUL TODD and DAVID PUNDERSON are:

i.    HANNAH PUNDERSON, b. 21 October 1740; m. Joseph MANSFIELD.
ii.    CHARLES PUNDERSON, b. 14 July 1742.
iii.    SUSANNA PUNDERSON, b. 16 August 1744; m. TIMOTHY POTTER, 2 August 1768, New Haven, CT; b. 12 February 1731/32, New Haven, CT; d. 24 October 1799.
iv.    SARAH PUNDERSON, b. 30 May 1746; m. Zechariah THOMPSON.
v.    JOHN PUNDERSON, b. 1 January 1747/48; m(1)  UNKNOWN, m(2) Rhoda ALGER.
vi.    DAVID PUNDERSON, b. 9 September 1749; m. Dinah (Porter) WELTON.
vii.    DANIEL[1] PUNDERSON, b. 15 December 1752.
viii.    DANIEL[2] PUNDERSON, b. 15 December 1753; m. Hannah (Thompson) TALMADGE; d. 5 July 1829.
ix.    WILLIAM JOSEPH PUNDERSON, b. 13 November 1754.
x.    AHIMAAZ PUNDERSON, b. 26 August 1757.
xi.    ANNA[1] PUNDERSON, b. 17 February 1760.
xii.    ANNA[2] PUNDERSON, b. 5 October 1763; m. Charles MERRIMAN.
xiii.    THANKFUL PUNDERSON, b. 5 October 1763; m. Thomas DUTTON.



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