HAYDEN, William & wives

Cliff McCarthy, 2016

William Hayden was the youngest child and the only son of his parents, Francis and Thomasin (Butler) Heydon. He was likely born in 1674 in St. Mary’s Co., Maryland. He gave his age as 49 in a deposition in 1723. At the time of his birth, William’s parents were residents of Virginia colony, but leased a tract of land called “Small Hopes,” formerly called “Newington,” located near St. Clements Bay across the river in Maryland. When Thomasin died in 1702, she willed “Small Hopes” to her son William — the lease to be continued in his name — with a provision that if he had no heirs, it would go to his sister Mary (Hayden) Reeder. The lease was from Thomas & Mary (Thomas) Davis and William & Grace (Thomas) Arthur, with the two women being co-heirs of Thomas Thomas. The land was located “on the east side of St. Clements Bay and bounded on the south and west with the said bay, on the east with a branch of the said bay called St. Charles branch, and on the north with a line drawn from a marked oak from the head of the said branch west into the said bay, containing and laid out for 100 acres.”

There are many theories about the wives of William Hayden. He was married at least twice, both times, apparently, to women named Elizabeth. Researchers vary widely on the surnames of those women. Among the popular suggestions: Grays, Thomas, or Thompson, for the first wife; Clement, Thomas, or Roach for the last. Another theory, put forward by researcher Sister Mary Louise Donnelly, says that in between the two Elizabeths, William married an Anna Snowden, by whom he had one child. There were three or four children of the first marriage and eight children of the second. (Because of the lack of consensus on this important question, I have attempted to give a more complete explication on the subject of William Hayden’s Wives at this link.)

On March 20, 1710/11, Clement Gardiner and William Hayden received 257 acres in St. Mary’s City from Luke Gardiner of Prince George’s Co. The land was called “Hazzard.” According to the rent rolls, William Hayden possessed 300 acres called “Headen Fear” (Hayden Fair) in 1715; 300 acres of “Finchley” in 1716; and 137 acres of “Roaches Discovery” in 1723.  Some researchers say he also acquired “Clarken” from possible wife Anna Snowden.

William left a will when he died in 1732. He bequeathed the bulk of his land to the children of his first marriage. The remainder of the estate was left to his widow, unless she re-married, in which case the land would be divided equally among the eight children of his second marriage. The children were to be given 1000 pounds of tobacco when they reached the age of majority. Here are links to William Hayden’s Will and Elizabeth Hayden’s Will.

William’s widow lived for twenty-eiqht years following the death of her husband. She managed her own affairs, and quite successfully. In addition to the property left to her, she acquired “Shankes Resque” and “Haydens Resque.” Mary Louise Donnelly states that a small receipt exists, filed in Maryland with the unpatented certificates, that indicates that Mrs. Hayden paid rent to the Lord Baltimore for her land. According to Donnelly, it reads:

“December 21st 1752. Received of Mrs. Elizabeth Hayden thirteen shillings and nine pence sterling for one years rent due the 25th day of March next on Roaches Discovery 157 acres, Shanks Resque 102 acres and Haydens Resque 81 acres for use the Lord Baltimore received.”

Elizabeth Hayden left a will, as well, when she died in 1761. In it, she left the bulk of her estate to her son Clement, but names six more of her children and at least five grandchildren.


Children of William HAYDEN

WILLIAM HAYDEN was born 15 June 1674 in St. Mary’s Co., MD, and died 6 March 1732/33 in St. Mary’s Co., MD.  He married (1) unknown (poss. THOMAS) Bef. 1701.   He married (2) poss. ANNA SNOWDEN Abt. 1702, daughter of JOHN SNOWDEN and JANE.  She died Abt. 1707.  He married (3) ELIZABETH (poss. ROACH) Abt. 1708, daughter of WILLIAM ROACH and MARY NEALE.  She died 1760 in St. Mary’s Co., MD.

Children of WILLIAM HAYDEN and ELIZABETH (poss. THOMAS) are:

ii.    GRACE HAYDEN, m. MATHEW HERBERT, Bef. 1732; d. Abt. 1746.
iii.    WILLIAM HEYDON, b. Bet. 1700 – 1705; d. Abt. 1748; m. MARY TODD.

Child of WILLIAM HAYDEN and (poss. ANNA SNOWDEN) is:

iv.    THOMASINE HAYDEN, b. Bet. 1702 – 1707; m. LUKE CISSELL, Bef. 1732; b. St. Mary’s Co., MD; d. 10 August 1747.

Children of WILLIAM HAYDEN and ELIZABETH (poss. ROACH) are:

v.    FRANCIS HAYDEN, b. 1709; d. Bef. 1760; m. ANN DRURY.
vi.    SUSANNA HAYDEN, b. 1711; m. JOHN DRURY, 12 October 1734.
vii.    JAMES HAYDEN, b. 1713; m. ELIZABETH THOMPSON, Bef. 1757.
viii.    GEORGE HAYDEN, b. Abt. 1718, St. Mary’s Co., MD; d. Abt. 1754; m. (1) UNKNOWN; d. Bef. 1755; m. (2) CHARITY; d. 1791.
ix.    CLEMENT HAYDEN, b. Abt. 1723; d. Abt. 1788; m. ANN.
x.    RICHARD HAYDEN, b. 1726; d. Bef. 1788; m. ELEANOR; d. Aft. 1788.
xi.    ELISABETH HAYDEN, b. Abt. 1728.
xii.    JOHN HAYDEN, b. Abt. 1730, St. Mary’s Co., MD; m. UNKNOWN, Abt. 1753.



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