ENSEY, John & Catherine (Coomes)

Cliff McCarthy, 2016

Very little is known of the lives of John and Catherine (Coomes) Ensey. They lived in Charles County, Maryland and most of what we know comes from the probate records of their estates. It appears that John Ensey passed away about 1734 and Catherine was the administratrix of his estate. However, before that could be settled, she died in 1736, leaving a will.

In her will, which was probated on 5 May 1736, Catherine bequeathed some items from her personal estate to her children, Dennis and Mary, and the child of her daughter Margaret. After ordering the payment of her debts and those of her late husband, she asks that the residue of her estate be divided equally between the above-named Dennis and Mary; her four grandchildren of her daughter Winifred; one grandchild born of daughter Margaret; and her granddaughter of her son John. Then she goes on to write:

“…my desire is that my Son Dennis may go and live with William Coomes who promises to give him one Years Schooling and teach him the Shoemakers trade he staying with him till he is Twenty-one years of age and that my Daughter Mary go to her Sister Winnefred and I do hereby appoint and make William Coomes and William Mookatee joint executors of this my Last Will and Testament…”

Some researchers have interpreted this to mean that daughter Winifred was married to William Coomes. I do not believe this is the case. The fact that children Dennis and Mary were dealt with separately indicates to me the intention to send them to different families, not the same one. I believe William Coomes was probably Catherine’s brother. The husband of Winifred has not yet been determined; if anyone can show proof, it would be welcome.


Children of John & Catherine (Coomes) ENSEY

JOHN ENSEY died Bef. 1736.  He married CATHERINE COOMES.  She died 1736 in Charles Co., MD. The Children of JOHN ENSEY and CATHERINE COOMES are:

i.    DENNIS ENSEY, b. Aft. 1715; d. 1768; m. ELEANOR; d. Bef. 1807.
ii.    MARY ENSEY.



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