BESSE, Jacques Joseph & Marie Marguerite Josephine (Beautour)

Cliff McCarthy, 2016

Jacques Joseph Besse was the Burgomeister of Pommereuil in 1740. He died there in October 1758 and was buried in the churchyard. Dutch researcher Marius Bakker believes that his parents were Robert Besse and Anne Francoise Decamps from the nearby village of Bousies. I have no reason to disbelieve Mr. Bakker’s research.


Village of Le Pommereuil today

Jacques Joseph Besse was married to Marie Joseph Beautour, daughter of Philippe Beautour, who was also Burgomeister of Pommereuil. She died in October 1763 and was also buried in the churchyard.


Children of Jaques Joseph & Marie Marguerite Josephine (Beautour) BESSE

JAQUES JOSEPH BESSE was born Abt. 1679, and died October 1758 in Le Pommereuil, France.  He married MARIE MARGUERITE JOSEPHINE BEAUTOUR, daughter of PHILIPPE BEAUTOUR.  She died October 1763 in Le Pommereuil, France. The Children of JAQUES BESSE and MARIE BEAUTOUR are:

i.    PHILIPPE CHARLES JOSEPH BESSE, b. Abt. 1719; d. 2 May 1784, Pommereuil, France; m. MARIE “ALBERTINE” TERESE LEFORT, 1736; b. 1725, Englefontaine, France; d. 23 April 1793, Pommereuil, France.
ii.    JEANNE JOSEPHE BESSE, b. 11 February 1719/20, Pommereuil, France; m. JEAN FRANCOIS DE BEAUMONT, 1737.
iii.    MARTINE JOSEPHE BESSE, b. November 1720, Pommereuil, France; m. ETIENNE BAILLEUX, 27 March 1739.
iv.    GEORGES BESSE, b. 3 September 1723, Pommereuil, France; d. 1 September 1766; m. MARIE PHILIPPE BODCHON, 21 June 1757, Pommereuil, France; b. 1736.
v.    CATHARINE JOSEPHE BESSE, b. 26 November 1725; d. 1740.
vi.    ANNE MARIE THEODORE JOSEPHE BESSE, b. 24 August 1731; m. NOE LAURENT, 28 May 1754, Pommereuil, France.
vii.    MARGUERITE BESSE, b. 1732; d. 1732.
viii.    MARIE THEODORE BESSE, b. 1732; d. 1732.
ix.    JAQUES JOSEPH BENOIT BESSE, b. 20 March 1735/36; d. 11 August 1774; m. MARIE FRANCOISE CARDON, 24 December 1755, Pommereuil, France; b. Abt. 1725; d. 4 November 1793, Pommereuil, France.
x.    MARCELLINE JOSEPHE BESSE, b. 25 October 1737, Pommereuil, France; d. 11 October 1800, Pommereuil, France; m. JEAN FRANCOIS JOSEPH VERIN, 25 October 1757, Pommereuil, France; b. 1731, Basuel.
xi.    JAQUES LOUIS JOSEPH BESSE, b. 20 March 1739/40.



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  • Research of Marius Schelte Bakker, (, “Electronic.”

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