BESSE, Philippe Charles Joseph & Alberte Therese (Lefort)

Cliff McCarthy, 2016

Philippe Charles Joseph Besse was born in 1719, the son of Jacques Joseph & Marie Marguerite Josephine (Beautour) Besse. He was the Chief Surgeon at the Royal Military Hospital at Landrecies (nord), France.

Military Hospital at Landrecies, France in a much later time.

Military Hospital at Landrecies, France in a much later time.

He married Marie Albertine Terese Lefort. She was born in 1725 at Englefontaine, France.

He died 1 May 1784 at Landrecies, France, age 65 and was buried in the cemetery at Pommereuil.


Children of Philippe Charles Joseph & Alberte Therese (Lefort) BESSE

PHILIPPE CHARLES JOSEPH BESSE was born 1719, and died 1 May 1784 in Landrecies, France.  He married ALBERTE THERESE LEFORT in 1736.  She was born 1725 in Englefontaine, France, and died 23 April 1793 in Pommereuil, France. The Children of PHILIPPE BESSE and ALBERTE LEFORT are:

i.    JACQUES JOSEPH BESSE, b. 29 August 1747, Trelon, Nord, France; Deputy of the Clergy; d. 10 July 1821, Bazuel, Nord, France; m. the widow ISABELLE BULTE 30 August 1802; she was b. 1749, Cattilion; merchant.
ii.    JOSEPH BESSE, b. 1750; Justice of the Peace; wine merchant and agriculturalist; m. AMELIE ALDEGONDE JOSEPHINE L’ABBE and had four daughters.
iii.    MARIE ROSALIE JOSEPHA BESSE, b. 1752, Landrecies; d. 1824, Pommereuil; m. JEAN LOUIS LOZE, 15 December 1779, Pommereuil; b. 1753, Pommereuil.
iv.    ROSE BESSE, b. 1755, Pommereuil; d. 1785; m. CHARLES BENOIT DELATTRE, 1779, Pommereuil; b. 1747, Pommereuil; one child.
v.    FERDINAND ANASTHASE BESSE, b. 14 March 1761, Pommereuil; chemist; d. 8 April 1814, Mont-Didier of rabies, having been bitten by his dog; m. MARIE JOSEPHINE BEAUMONT, 1 April 1788, Saint-Sépulchre, Montdidier, Somme, France; b. 1767, Mont-Didier; d. 1848.
vi.    CONSTANT THEODORE JEAN BAPTISTE DE BESSE, b. 5 October 1763, Pommereuil, France; d. 4 April 1828, Woudrichem, Holland; m. MARIE MARGUERITE MACAINE, 3 February 1789; b. 6 September 1764, Andigny, France; d. 8 January 1841, Woudrichem, Netherlands.
vii.    CHARLEMAGNE BESSE, b. 10 April 1766, Pommereuil, France; a lawyer in Paris.
viii.    AUGUSTE JOSEPH ALEXANDRE BESSE, b. 16 November 1767; d. 23 December 1788; student, Congregation of St. Lazare at Paris.
ix.    AUGUSTIN THEODORE BESSE, b. 1768; died as a soldier.



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