LAPORTE, Francois Marie and Anne Louise (Faverais)

By Cliff McCarthy, 2018

The date and circumstances of the birth of François Marie Laporte are unknown. He married Anne Louise Faverais, the daughter of Jacques Faverais and ? Heroux. This couple had three children, all born in France: Virginie Françoise, born in 1807; Adele Jacqueline, born in 1817; and Auguste Paul, born in 1819.

François was living with his wife in Avranches, France at the wedding of their daughter Virginie in 1829. He was a Customs Agent. When daughter Adele was married in 1836, Francois and Anne were living in the town of Parigny, France.

François M. Laporte died on Thursday, 16 March 1843 in Montigny Saint-Hilaire.


Children of Francois Marie & Anne Louise (Faverais) LAPORTE

FRANCOIS MARIE LAPORTE died 16 March 1843.  He was married to ANNE LOUISE FAVERAIS, daughter of JACQUES FAVERAIS and ? HEROUX. The Children of FRANCOIS LAPORTE and ANNE FAVERAIS are:

i.    VIRGINIE FRANCOISE LAPORTE, b. 26 December 1807, Pontaubault, Normandy, France; d. 5 January 1859, Saint-Nicolas-pres-Granville, Normandy, France; m. LOUIS FRANCOIS LEMOINE, 8 October 1829, St. Pierre, St. Pierre & Miquelon, French Territories; b. 20 December 1802, Genets, LaManche, France; d. 10 September 1858, Saint-Nicolas-pres-Granville, Normandy, France.
ii.    ADELE JACQUELINE LAPORTE, b. 17 August 1817, Avranches, France; d. 30 August 1857, St. Pierre, Iles de St. Pierre & Miquelon; m. (1) ANTOINE FRANCOIS LEBEL, 6 October 1836, St. Pierre, Iles de St. Pierre & Miquelon; d. 1 February 1848, St. Pierre, Iles de St. Pierre & Miquelon; m. (2) FRANCOIS HOLLANDE, 13 May 1850, St. Pierre, Iles de St. Pierre & Miquelon; b. 1817; d. 1869.
iii.    AUGUSTE PAUL LAPORTE, b. Bef. 11 May 1819.



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