KUYK, Gijsbert Buitendijk

By Cliff McCarthy, 2016 [roughly translated from Dutch Wikipedia]
Last Updated 25 November 2017

Gijsbert Buitendijk Kuyk was born in Hardinxveld, Holland, on the 3rd of November 1805 and he died in Arnhem, Holland, on 23 April 1884. He was a Dutch painter. He was a son of Willem Kuijk and Neeltje Buitendijk. Kuyk’s father was a schoolmaster in Hardinxveld when Gijsbert was born, but later became an engineer.

Buitendijk Kuyk was educated at the Drawing Society “Kunstoefening” in Arnhem, where he was taught by Hendrik Jan van Amerom. He graduated in 1824 with the gold medal for drawing from life. Buitendijk Kuyk befriended Van Amerom’s son Cornelis Hendrik van Amerom and they studied, after training in Arnhem, at the Antwerp Academy under William Herreyns and Mattheus Ignatius van Bree. They later reunited in Nijmegen when they served as archers in the National Militia and, at that time, participated in the Day Campaign from 1830 to 1831 and received the Metal Cross. Afterwards, Amerom settled in Leiden and Buitendijk Kuyk returned to Arnhem. He was appointed on May 7, 1844 as Director of Art Exercise. In 1846 he married Woutera Willemina Coops, who was eleven years younger than him.

Buitendijk Kuyk the artist painted mainly portraits and historical genres. He died in Arnhem at the age of 78. Here are some examples of his work:


Herman Hendrik Timothy Coops,
Dutch Naval officer


Jacop Coers, architect