The I Am Movement

Guy & Edna Ballard

Guy & Edna Ballard

The I Am Movement was founded by Guy W. “Daddy” Ballard and his wife Edna, after he had a religious experience atop Mt. Shasta in 1930. According to Ballard, St. Germain spoke to him and made him an “Accredited Messenger” to the group of “Ascended Masters”, of whom St. Germain, Jesus, and Moses were three. In later years, the sect has moved away from its thin veneer of Christianity and St. Germain became foremost of the Ascended Masters. The I Am movement believes in reincarnation (Ballard and his wife were reincarnations of George Washington and Joan of Arc, respectively), and through successive reincarnations, any member could become an Ascended Master. The immanence of the Mighty I Am Presence in everyone, made spiritual death impossible. Members could harness the I Am power, through incantations and affirmations, for health, prosperity, and happiness. Group prayers were more powerful than individual prayers. Members abstained from sex, eating meats, narcotics, tobacco, and alcohol, and refrained from keeping pets in the house, playing cards, and eating onions and garlic. Good colors were purple and gold, while red and black were considered bad colors. Members tithed 10% of their incomes to the movement. Although one source claims the movement disappeared in the 1950’s, remnants of the sect are known to exist today.


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