PRICHARD, Roger & wives

Cliff McCarthy, 2016
Last Updated 5 April 2017

The name Prichard is from the Welsh, and is a contraction of Ap Richard, son of Richard. Like “Mc” in the Irish language, “Ap” in the Welsh language indicates “son of.” Prichard has been spelled as Prichat, Pritchett, and Pritchard in early colonial records.

Roger Prichard was born in England, perhaps Wales, and came early to this country. He was probably married with three children when he arrived in Boston Harbor in about 1636. His wife was named Frances, their son was Nathaniel, and their daughters were Alice and Joan. Alice Prichard married William Bradley, Jr., son of Sir William Bradley, on 15 February 1645.

In 1640 Sir Henry Smith was appointed Governor of the new jurisdiction of Connecticut and supposedly Roger Prichard went with him to Wethersfield. On 15 November 1640 at Wethersfield, Connecticut, Roger Prichard witnessed  the will of Widow Joyce Ward. He owned land in the Great Meadow of Wethersfield 1642-43 before relocating to Springfield, Massachusetts.

In a book entitled Historical Sketch of Founding of Springfield, Mass., is found the following: “Most of those who came in 1636 were young unmarried men. Of the few who were already married and came with families, several were from Wales or of Welsh descent, including Thomas Menich, Alexander Edwards and Roger Prichard.”

Roger Prichard was allotted 5 acres of land along the Agawam River in Springfield (now West Springfield) on 23 February 1643 and 23 more acres in Springfield on 6 April 1643. His name appears on the tax lists of that town in 1644, and various years thereafter. He apparently turned back his land on the Agawam River and was granted more land in the Large Meadow (now Longmeadow, Mass.) on 7 May 1645.

On 28 October 1646, Roger Prichard is recorded in the Pynchon account book as having received 14 pence per day for “4 days and a little more at weeding.”  On 13 April 1648, he was made freeman at Springfield (along with John Pynchon, Elizur Holyoke, Henry Burt, Samuell Wright, and William Branch), and “meddow” land at Pecowsic and Mill were granted to him and his son Nathaniel.

His wife, Frances, died in Springfield in 1651 and on 5 September 1652, Roger appears again in the Pynchon account book, receiving 18 pence per day for 9 1/2 days of haymaking.

Roger Prichard removed to Milford, Connecticut, where on 18 December 1653 he married (2) Elizabeth, daughter of James Prudden, an original settler of Guilford, Connecticut, and widow of William Slough. William Slough had been “executed at New Haven for a sexual deviation under the Mosaic law which was then the law of New Haven Colony.” Roger and Elizabeth Prichard had two more children, Joseph and Benjamin. Joseph was killed in King Philip’s War in 1676.

Elizabeth (Prudden) Slough Prichard died at Milford on 27 April 1668. Roger thereafter removed to New Haven, where he died 26 January 1670/1.


Children of Roger PRICHARD & wives

ROGER PRICHARD died 26 January 1670/71 in New Haven, New Haven Co., CT.  He married (1) FRANCES.  She died 9 March 1650/51 in Springfield, MA.  He married (2) ELIZABETH (PRUDDEN) SLOUGH 18 December 1653 in Milford, CT, daughter of JAMES PRUDDEN and SYBIL MITCHELL, widow of WILLIAM SLOUGH.  She died 27 April 1668 in Milford, CT.

Children of ROGER PRICHARD and FRANCES are:

i.    ALICE PRICHARD, b. Abt. 1624; d. 1692; m. WILLIAM BRADLEY, 18 February 1644/45, Springfield, MA; b. Abt. 1619, prob. Bingley, Yorkshire, England; d. 1691.
ii.    JOAN (OR JOANNA) PRICHARD, d. 19 May 1690, Springfield, MA; m. JOHN LOMBARD, 1 September 1647, New Haven, CT; d. 15 May 1672, Springfield, MA.
iii.    NATHANIEL PRICHARD, b. Abt. 1629; d. 11 November 1710, New Haven, New Haven Co., CT; m. (1) HANNAH LANGTON, 4 February 1651/52, Springfield, Hampden Co., MA; d. 17 September 1690, Springfield, MA; m. (2) HANNAH (HULL) DAVIS, 9 April 1691, Springfield, MA; b. 22 October 1664, New Haven, CT.


iv.    JOSEPH PRICHARD, b. 2 October 1654, Milford, CT; d. 1676, in King Philip’s War.
v.    BENJAMIN PRICHARD, b. 31 January 1657/58, Milford, CT; d. 9 April 1743, Milford, CT; m. REBECCA JONES, 14 November 1683, Milford, CT.



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