HULL, Richard & wife

Cliff McCarthy, 2017
Last Updated 25 March 2017

Richard Hull was born 3 December 1599 at Derbyshire, England. He was an early colonist, free planter and the progenitor of one New Haven branch of the Hull family in America. The exact date of his arrival in New England has not been ascertained, but he was made a freeman at Dorchester in 1634. Shortly thereafter, he is found at Roxbury. He sold his dwelling house at Roxbury in 1636 and relocated to Boston, but had settled in New Haven colony by 1639. He joined the church that year and signed the Fundamental Agreement, although he was not among the original signers in June.

He was soon a prominent member of the colony. He was granted a small lot on Chapel Street (see the Brockett Map of 1641) and was assigned a prominent seat in the new church.

There was at this time in New Haven a person by the name of Andrew Hull, whose age could have made him a brother of Richard, but no known relationship has been established. Likewise, Anderson, in The Great Migration Begins, speculates about a connection between Richard Hull and George Hull and/or John Hull of Dorchester, but no known relationship exists. Also, we wonder about any connection between Richard and our other Hull ancestor, Rev. Joseph Hull of Maine. DNA testing seems to indicate that Richard (R1b2) and Rev. Joseph (I-1) were not closely related. However, there appears to be a close connection between Joseph and George Hull of Dorchester (I-1).

The reports of the 1649 session of the General Court, show that when Richard Hull was serving as “Master of the Watch,” two sentries who had disobeyed his orders and grossly neglected their duty, were ordered whipped. At another session of the Court that year, the record shows that Richard Hull was fined twelve cents because his son Jeremiah “wanted a worm and scourer,” pieces of equipment needed at an inspection of the “train band,” or militia company.

Richard Hull died on 21 August 1662 at New Haven. An inventory of his personal estate showed a value of one hundred pounds, eighteen shillings, and four pence. At the same time his will was filed. (see The Last Will and Testament of Richard Hull)


Children of Richard HULL & wife

RICHARD HULL was born 3 December 1599 in Derbyshire, England, and died 21 August 1662 in New Haven, New Haven Co., CT. The name of his wife is UNKNOWN. The Children of RICHARD HULL are:

i.    JEREMIAH HULL, d. 13 June 1700; m. HANNAH BALDWIN, 6 May 1658.
ii.    JOHN HULL, b. 24 March 1640; d. 6 December 1711; m. (1) MARY BEACH; m. (2) TABITHA TOMLINSON; m. (3) REBECCA TURNER.
iii.    HANNAH HULL, b. Bef. 26 February 1641/42; m. EDMUND DORMAN, 25 December 1662, New Haven, New Haven Co., CT; b. Abt. 1636; d. 1 May 1711, New Haven, CT.
iv.    MARY HULL, b. 1646; m. JOHN JACKSON.



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