HOW, Edward & Elizabeth

Cliff McCarthy, 2017

Edward How (sometimes Howe) was born 12 June 1573, at London, England. Of Edward’s ancestry we have little information, largely owing to the fact that the records of Lynn, for the first sixty years, are missing. It has been a long standing tradition in the family that he came from London, England, and there seems to be support for this. We do not know his wife Elizabeth’s last name or her ancestry, but one source says he married Elizabeth Marvill in 1613, at London, England. She was born about 1585 in London, England, and died 25 January 1671/72.

Edward How, with his wife and five children, embarked on the Truelove for New England on the 19th of September 1635. The names as they appeared on the passenger list are as follows: Edward Howe, husbandman, aged 60; Elizabeth, aged 56; Jeremie, aged 21; Sara, aged 12; Ephraim, aged 9; Isaac, aged 7; and William, aged 6. On reaching this country, they settled in what is now Lynn, Massachusetts.

Although Daniel Howe is not listed among the above, Anderson in The Great Migration Begins, explains that Daniel made reference to a brother at Lynn in 1643 and called Jeremiah Howe his brother in 1653.  We do not have proof but it seems quite probable that Joseph How was the son of Edward How of Lynn and that he came to this country at a later date. He was in Lynn as early as 1640. He married Elizabeth Needham the daughter of Edmund Needham of Lynn. This is proven by his will and that of Edmund Needham. The Salem Quarterly Court recorded that Joseph How agreed to go to sea on November 25, 1641 and apparently did not return as his widow married a second time to Samuel Hart. An inventory of his estate was taken 1 August 1650 and amounted to 107 pounds.

Edward was admitted freeman December 8, 1636. He was a man of much ability, of good report, and a highly respected citizen. He was chosen Deputy to the General Court in 1638, and in the same year, his name appeared on the list of land-owners in Lynn, as having 210 acres. He died very suddenly in April 1639 at Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts. It was reported in Gov. Winthrop’s Journal:

“one Mr. Howe, of Lynn, a godly man, and a deputy of the last General Court, after the court was ended, and he had dined, being in health as he used to be, went to pass over to Charlestown, and, being alone, he was presently after found dead upon the strand, being there (as it seemed) waiting for the boat, which came soon after”

Elizabeth, his widow, was appointed by the General Court to administer his estate on May 22, 1639.


Children of Edward & Elizabeth HOW

EDWARD HOW was born Abt. 1575 in England, and died April 1639.  He married ELIZABETH.  She was probably born Abt. 1585 in England. The Children of EDWARD HOW and ELIZABETH are:

ii.    DANIEL HOWE, b. Abt. 1608, England; d. Aft. 1656, probably in England; m. UNKNOWN.
iii.    JEREMY HOW, b. 1614, England; d. 16 January 1690/91, New Haven, New Haven Co., CT; m. ELIZABETH; d. 23 January 1695/96.
iv.    SARAH HOWE, b. Abt. 1623, England.
v.    EPHRAIM HOW, b. 1625, England; m. ANNE HOUGH; d. 8 September 1680, New Haven, CT.
vi.    ISAAC HOWE, b. Abt. 1628, England.
vii.    WILLIAM HOWE, b. Abt. 1629, England.



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