THOMAS, John & Tabitha

Cliff McCarthy, 2016

After rampant theories and speculation, we really have no idea who John Thomas’ parents were. He was born around 1614. Both John and his wife Tabitha were presumably born in England. The exact date of their immigration is unknown but certainly occurred sometime before 1640, during the great influx of English people to New England. They settled in New Haven Colony where they may have married.

There is a John Thomas who at age 14 emigrated from England to America aboard the Hopewell in September of 1635. It is possible that this is our John Thomas, but no one knows for sure.

John Thomas married Tabitha (surname unknown) about 1639. It is not known whether they married in England or at New Haven, CT where they settled to raise their 7 children. It is also not known whether their first 3 children were born in England or at New Haven, CT.

mtghouseJohn Thomas did not sign the Fundamental Agreement that the founders of New Haven, CT signed on 4 June 1639.  However, John and Tabitha were definitely in New Haven by 1646 when they testified in court about a case of sexual harassment. They were both assigned seats in the meetinghouse in early 1647. Their fourth child, Elizabeth, born in 1648, appears in the baptismal records of the New Haven church, yet she wasn’t baptized until 1653. John Thomas appears on the 1669 Freeman list for New Haven.

His will was dated 4 January 1669/70 at New Haven and his estate inventory of  9 (or 19) January 1672 was for 174 pounds 6 shillings 6 pence. His will named wife Tabitha; sons Daniel and John and Samuel and Joseph; daughters Elizabeth and Tabitha; and grandchildren by daughter Sarah Wilmot. Tabitha Thomas’s will was dated 22 March 1690 and it named son Samuel Thomas as executor.


Children of John & Tabitha THOMAS

JOHN THOMAS, probably born in England about 1614, died 15 December 1671 in New Haven, CT.  He married TABITHA.  She died 1 April 1690 in New Haven, CT. The Children of JOHN THOMAS and TABITHA are:

i.    SARAH THOMAS, b. Abt. 1640; d. 28 December 1711, New Haven, CT; m. WILLIAM WILMOT, 14 October 1658, New Haven, CT; d. 1689.
ii.    JOHN THOMAS, m. LYDIA PARKER, 12 January 1671/72, New Haven, CT; b. 14 April 1652, New Haven, CT; d. Aft. 1740.
iii.    DANIEL THOMAS, d. 1694; m. REBECCA THOMPSON, 3 February 1668/69; b. 26 January 1650/51.
iv.    ELIZABETH THOMAS, b. 15 March 1647/48; m. JOHN HOLT.
v.    SAMUEL THOMAS, b. 5 September 1651.
vi.    TABITHA THOMAS, b. 18 December 1653; m. ELEAZER HOLT, 5 November 1674.
vii.    JOSEPH THOMAS, b. Bef. 9 November 1661; d. 10 April 1739, New Haven, CT; m. ABIGAIL PRESTON, 21 March 1687/88, New Haven, CT.




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