HOTCHKISS, Samuel & Elizabeth (Cleverly)

Cliff McCarthy, 2016
Last Updated 29 November 2017

The American ancestor of the Hotchkiss family, Samuel Hotchkiss, is supposed to have come from County Essex, England, but no proof of this has been discovered. He also was said to have been a brother of John Hodgkin, who arrived at Guilford, Connecticut, as “Governor Leete’s man,” about 1648, but later research has not corroborated this.

As early as 1641 we find Samuel Hotchkiss in New Haven, Connecticut. The following year, 7 September 1642, he was given permission by the court to marry Elizabeth Cleverly. This indicates that both Samuel and Elizabeth were underage at the time. Neither was able to prove their parents’ consent, but both affirmed they did have such consent. The court records show:

“…haveing entred into contract, sinfully and wickedly defiled each other with filthy dalliance and uncleane passages, by which they have both made themselves unfitt for any other, and for which they have both received publique correction, upon these considerations, granted them liberty to marry.”

Samuel was administered the Oath of Fidelity on 5 August 1644, perhaps just after turning 21. This would likely make his date of birth in the years 1622 or 1623.

In 1652 he bought of John Thompson a house and lot, which purchase was “passed at a court the same year.” In 1655 he was assigned a seat in the meetinghouse “adjacent to ye Souldier’s Seats,” and his wife was given one on the women’s side.

He died 28 December 1663, at New Haven, his name in the records of death appearing as “Samuel Hodskis, senior.” His estate was inventoried the following month, and valued at 86 pounds, 18 shillings.

In January 1665 his widow Elizabeth, appears in an action for slander, but was cleared by the findings of the Court. As the head of a household of two people, “Widdow Hodgkins” was given 20 acres in the third division of land in December of 1680. She died in 1681.


Children of Samuel & Elizabeth (Cleverly) HOTCHKISS

SAMUEL HOTCHKISS died 28 December 1663 in New Haven, New Haven Co., CT.  He married ELIZABETH CLEVERLY 7 September 1642.  She died 1681. The Children of SAMUEL HOTCHKISS and ELIZABETH CLEVERLY are:

i.    JOHN HOTCHKISS, b. 1643; d. 1689; m. ELIZABETH PECK, 5 December 1672; b. 16 March 1648/49; d. Bef. 1732.
ii.    SAMUEL HOTCHKISS, b. Abt. 1645; d. 29 December 1705, East Haven, New Haven Co., CT; m. (1) SARAH TALMAGE, 18 March 1678/79, East Haven, New Haven Co., CT; b. 19 September 1652, New Haven, CT; m. (2) HANNAH THOMPSON, Aft. 1691; d. 19 January 1712/13.
iii.    JAMES HOTCHKISS, b. 1647.
v.    JOSHUA HOTCHKISS, b. 16 September 1651; d. 22 December 1722; m. (1) MARY PARDEE, 29 November 1677; d. Abt. 1684; m. (2) HANNAH TUTTLE, Abt. 1685; b. 24 February 1660/61; d. 17 February 1718/19; m. (3) MARY SANFORD, Aft. 17 February 1718/19; b. 18 September 1670, New Haven, New Haven Co., CT; d. 26 August 1750, Milford, CT.
vi.    THOMAS HOTCHKISS, b. 31 August 1654; d. 21 December 1711; m. SARAH WILMOT, 27 November 1677; b. 8 March 1662/63, New Haven, CT; d. 1731.
vii.    DANIEL HOTCHKISS, b. 8 June 1657; d. 10 March 1709/10; m. (1) EUNICE BEACH; m. (2) ESTHER SPERRY, 21 June 1683, New Haven, CT; b. September 1654, New Haven, CT.



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2 thoughts on “HOTCHKISS, Samuel & Elizabeth (Cleverly)

  1. I’m enjoying going through your website – you’ve done a fine job. We have several New Haven ancestors in common and I wish it were more. It has been years since I researched the Hotchkiss family; I see that I found information on Samuel’s ancestry in Cowdell, Nellie. The Hotchkiss Family. Baltimore: Gateway, 1985. You haven’t listed it as a source. Did you find it unreliable?


    • Nope. I think I just missed it. Thanks for the tip; I’ll look for it. And thank you for your kind words about the website.


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