HEATON, James & Elizabeth (Tenney)

Cliff McCarthy, 2016
Last Updated, 10 December 2017

James Heaton, son of William and Elizabeth (Sedgwick) Heaton, was baptized at Limber Magna, Lincolnshire, on 7 July 1605. Among his eight siblings was an older brother, Nathaniel, who emigrated with his family to Salem, Massachusetts aboard the Griffin in 1634.

Elizabeth Tenney, daughter of John Tenney and Ursula Mumby, was baptized 8 August 1610 at Limber Magna, Linconshire, England. She had at least two younger brothers, Thomas and William Tenney, who also immigrated to America.

James Heaton, who described himself as a “husbandman,” married Elizabeth Tenney on 17 August 1630 at Stallingborough, Lincolnshire, England.  A daughter, Faith Heaton, was born to the couple and was baptized at Limber Magna, Lincolnshire on 15 June 1631. The baby apparently did not survive.

Tragically, later in that year, James Heaton also died.  In an article called “The Tenney Family of Lincolnshire and Rowley, Massachusetts,” Douglas Richardson wrote:

“James Heaton of Great Limber left a nuncupative (or oral) will dated 11 December 1631, probated in 1631. At that date, James and his wife, Elizabeth, had no living children, but James requested that ‘if Elizabeth his wife shall happen to bee with Child that then the saide Childe to have out of his goods for a portion the sume of fifftie pounds.’ As it turns out, James Heaton’s wife was in fact pregnant. Several months later, she gave birth to a posthumous son, James, baptized at Great Limber on 19 August 1632. Although born many months after his father’s death, this child would have been eligible for the bequest of £50 from his late father.”

That son, James Heaton, our ancestor, came with his mother to begin a new life in America. Elizabeth (Tenney) Heaton probably immigrated with one or the other of her brothers, Thomas and William. Tradition says that Thomas Tenney was a passenger aboard the John of London that sailed to Salem, Massachusetts in the summer of 1638, and that William, and possibly Elizabeth, arrived a year later. There is no documentary proof for any of this, but it could be true.

The circumstances that brought Elizabeth (Tenney) Heaton from Boston to New Haven remain a mystery. We do know that Elizabeth (Tenney) Heaton was at New Haven by about 1642 when she married Benjamin Wilmot, son of Benjamin and Anne Wilmot.  Benjamin and Elizabeth had three daughters, Hannah, Mercy, and Elizabeth Wilmot, before Benjamin died in 1651.

Elizabeth married for a third time to William Judson of New Haven on 8 February 1659/60. Judson had come to New England with his wife Grace and sons in 1634 and had lived in Concord, Massachusetts; Hartford; and Stratford, before settling at New Haven by 1647. At that time, he purchased the homelot of Henry Browning on the corner of Grove and Cottage Streets. Grace died in 1659 at New Haven. William Judson died 29 July 1662.

“Widdow Judson,” living alone, received 20 acres in the third division of land in December of 1680. Elizabeth (Tenney) Heaton Wilmot Judson passed away in 1685 at New Haven, Connecticut.


Children of James & Elizabeth (Tenney) HEATON

JAMES HEATON, son of WILLIAM and ELIZABETH (Sedgwick) HEATON, was born Abt. 1605 in Lincolnshire, England, and died Abt. 1631 in England.  He married ELIZABETH TENNEY 17 August 1630 in Stallingborough, Lincolnshire, England, daughter of JOHN TENNEY and URSULA MUMBY.  She was born Bef. 8 August 1610 in England, and died 1685 in New Haven, New Haven Co., CT. She married (2) BENJAMIN WILMOT Abt. 1642, son of BENJAMIN WILMOT and ANN.  He died 8 April 1651 in New Haven, CT.  She married (3) WILLIAM JUDSON 8 February 1659/60 in New Haven, New Haven Co., CT.  He died 29 July 1662 in New Haven, New Haven Co., CT.


i.    FAITH HEATON, b. Bef. 15 June 1631, died 1631.
ii.    JAMES HEATON, b. Bef. 19 August 1632, England; d. 16 October 1712, New Haven, New Haven Co., CT; m. SARAH STREET, 20 November 1662, New Haven, CT; b. Abt. 1644.


iii.    HANNAH WILMOT, b. 25 January 1644/45; m. (1) SAMUEL MILES, 9 April 1667, New Haven, CT; b. 1640; d. 1678; m. (2) MILES MERWIN, 20 September 1681, New Haven, CT.
iv.    MARY “MERCY” WILMOT, b. 16 February 1646/47; m. RICHARD BRYAN, 15 July 1679, Milford, CT.
v.    ELIZABETH WILMOT, b. Abt. 1649; d. 21 August 1711, New Haven, CT; m. JOHN MIX; b. 1649.



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