DORMAN, Edmund & Hannah (Hull)

Cliff McCarthy, 2016
Last Updated 22 November 2017

“A neighbor, in 1662, carelessly remarked that he had seen [Edmund] Dorman in the woods praying for a wife, but he had reason to regret his disclosure, for Dorman promptly sued him for slander. Records show that Dorman was married within that year. Perhaps he did not wish the public to think that prayer had had anything to do with his finding of a mate.”                         — The History of Hamden, Connecticut, 1786-1936 by Rachel M. Hartley

Edmund Dorman’s wife was Hannah Hull, daughter of Richard Hull, a signer of the Fundamental Agreement at New Haven in 1639. Richard had recently passed away when Hannah married Dorman. She had been bequeathed forty pounds in her father’s will.

Edmund Dorman was not one of the original settlers at New Haven, but he was there by 1662, when he above marriage occurred. In 1668, Edmund had purchased property including the house formerly owned by Robert Foote. This property was described as, “forty-nine acres, east of the Cartpath which ran through the middle of the Plains (presently, Dixwell Avenue); sixteen acres, west of the Cartpath, north of [John] Sackett’s; nine acres, Sackett on the north, William Woodin on the south, the Cartpath on the east, and the common on the west.”

In 1680, as the head of a household of six people, “Edmund Dormur” was granted 35 1/4 acres of land on the east side of the river in the Third Division of land. His name appears among the list of proprietors at New Haven in 1685. He was also listed among the New Haven landholders in April of 1704, as the head of a three-person household.

Edmund Dorman married (2) Elizabeth (Post) Sperry Bunnell on 19 September 1700 in New Haven, CT, daughter of John and Hester (Hyde) Post.  She was the widow of John Sperry and Benjamin Bunnell.


Children of Edmund & Hannah (Hull) DORMAN

EDMUND DORMAN was born Abt. 1636, and died 1 May 1711 in New Haven, CT.  He married (1) HANNAH HULL 25 December 1662 in New Haven, New Haven Co., CT, daughter of RICHARD HULL.  She was born Bef. 26 February 1641/42.  He married (2) ELIZABETH POST 19 September 1700 in New Haven, CT, daughter of JOHN POST and HESTER HYDE.  She was born 22 February 1654/55 in Saybrook, Connecticut, and died 1715. She was the widow of JOHN SPERRY & BENJAMIN BUNNELL.

Children of EDMUND DORMAN and HANNAH HULL are:

i.    SAMUEL DORMAN, b. 16 July 1666, New Haven, CT; d. 16 November 1666, New Haven, CT.
ii.    JOHN DORMAN, b. 8 January 1667/68, New Haven, CT; d. October 1712; m. SARAH THOMAS, 4 January 1692/93, Hartford Superior Court, Hartford, CT; b. 13 December 1672, New Haven, CT; d. Aft. 1757.
iii.    JOSEPH DORMAN, b. 13 December 1669, New Haven, CT; d. 27 July 1712, New Haven, CT; m. MARY WILMOT, 24 August 1693, New Haven, CT; b. 7 January 1676/77, New Haven, CT; d. 23 October 1742.
iv.    son DORMAN, b. August 1671, New Haven, CT; d. August 1671, New Haven, CT.
v.    BENJAMIN DORMAN, b. 15 October 1673, New Haven, CT; d. 1748; m. (1) RUTH JOHNSON, 10 October 1698, New Haven, CT; b. 3 April 1667, New Haven, CT; m. (2) RUTH HOTCHKISS, 11 December 1728, New Haven, CT; b. Abt. 1688; d. 24 March 1773, New Haven, CT.
vi.    HANNAH DORMAN, b. 1 March 1676/77, New Haven, CT; d. 1724; m. GEORGE JOHNSON, 4 January 1694/95.
vii.    MARY DORMAN, b. 12 May 1680, New Haven, CT; d. June 1768; m. THOMAS LEAVENWORTH.



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