CHIDSEY, John & Elizabeth

Cliff McCarthy, 2016
Last Updated 2 February 2018

Deacon John Chidsey, or sometimes Chedsey, was an early settler at New Haven. He took the Oath of Fidelity in 1647 and joined the church in 1648. He married Elizabeth (last name unknown), who joined the church in 1651.

He was a tanner and shoemaker by trade. At the June Town Meeting in 1663, the General Court had a concern about “stopping of Leather & hides from going out the jurisdiction, except in pay for the like value in Raw hides to be imported.” John Chidsey and Abraham Doolittle were appointed “to take ye care of this business.” In 1666, John Chidsey and Thomas Beamont, “haveing been formerly chosen Sealers for Leather & sworne, was now Confirmed untill May next under their former ingagement.” Leather Sealers were early elected officials with a duty to inspect the making and tanning of leather goods and to apply a governmental stamp or seal to those items found acceptable. In 1676, John Chidsey and Samuel Miels [Miles?] “were chosen Searchers and Sealers of Leather and took the oath according to law.” However in July of 1677, “John Chidsye and Sammuell Miels, Lether Sealers, did desyre to be free from that offic, alleging theyer yeare was out, & they wer discouraged.” They were convinced to continue their duties until the following Town Meeting when, in June of 1678:

“John Chidsy and Samuell Miels wer called to take the Lether Sealer’s oath; Jno. Chidsy answered that he did in the last Towne Meeting and now allsoe againe doth desyre to bee free from that worke, and that he had served severall years in it, and was not willing to take the oath, upon which ther was som debate, but nothing issued about the Lether Sealers.”

However, Town Meeting of April 1679 once again appointed John Chidsey Searcher & Sealer of Leather and he was sworn in. At that same meeting, Chidsey and William Bradley were chosen deputies for the next General Court. Chidsey continued to serve as Leather Sealer beyond 1682.

In 1680, as a head of a household of ten people, John received 44 acres in the third division of land. In 1681, he relocated to Stony River, now East Haven, Connecticut, settling on a three acre parcel on the north side of East Haven green. Later, he received ten acres on the west side of the “first meadows” at East Haven, an area known as Chedsey’s Hill. In 1685 he was still listed among the proprietors at New Haven. John Chidsey and his wife Elizabeth both died in 1688, after parenting ten children.


Children of John & Elizabeth CHIDSEY

JOHN CHIDSEY was born Abt. 1621, and died 31 December 1688.  He married ELIZABETH.  She also died in 1688. The Children of JOHN CHIDSEY and ELIZABETH are:

i.    MARY[1] CHIDSEY, b. 22 September 1650; d. 9 October 1650.
ii.    JOHN CHIDSEY, b. 21 October 1651; d. 1693.
iii.    SARAH CHIDSEY, b. 21 October 1653, New Haven, New Haven Co., CT; m. SAMUEL ALLING, 26 October 1683, New Haven, New Haven Co., CT; b. Bef. 4 November 1645, New Haven, New Haven, CT; d. 28 August 1709, New Haven, New Haven, CT.
iv.    JOSEPH CHIDSEY, b. 5 December 1655; d. 1712; m. SARAH.
v.    DANIEL CHIDSEY, b. 30 July 1657; d. 4 June 1667.
vi.    MARY[2] CHIDSEY, b. 24 November 1659; m. WILLIAM WILMOT, 20 October 1692, New Haven, CT.
vii.    CALEB CHIDSEY, b. 20 November 1661; d. 20 February 1712/13; m. (1) ANN THOMPSON, 10 May 1688; d. 15 January 1691/92; m. (2) HANNAH DICKERMAN, 6 January 1692/93; b. 6 November 1665; d. 25 December 1708.
viii.    HANNAH CHIDSEY, b. 9 January 1663/64; d. 11 December 1693; m. CALEB MIX; b. Abt. 1661; d. 12 August 1708.
ix.    EBENEZER CHEDSEY, b. 10 February 1665/66; d. 26 September 1726; m. PRISCILLA THOMPSON, Abt. 1689; b. 7 August 1671; d. 1 January 1727/28.
x.    ELIZABETH CHIDSEY, b. 16 December 1668; d. 26 July 1688.



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