WILMOT, William & Sarah (Thomas)

Cliff McCarthy, 2016

William Wilmot was the son of Benjamin and Ann Wilmot, who were early immigrants to New Haven colony.

On May 1, 1654, “Old Goodman Willmot” [Benjamin] desired of the Court, that his son may be freed from [militia] training, which was considered, and with reference to his own age, his wife’s weakness, and their living at a Farm, his Son was freed, with the condition that he attend “as other Farmers do.” The son referred to was William.

William took the Oath of Fidelity to New Haven on 22 May 1654.

On 14 October 1658 at New Haven, William married Sarah, the daughter of John and Tabitha Thomas. They had 10 children together.


Children of William & Sarah (Thomas) WILMOT

WILLIAM WILMOT died 1689.  He married SARAH THOMAS 14 October 1658 in New Haven, CT, daughter of JOHN THOMAS and TABITHA.  She was born Abt. 1640, and died 28 December 1711 in New Haven, CT. The Children of WILLIAM WILMOT and SARAH THOMAS are:

i.    BENJAMIN WILMOT, b. 7 March 1660/61.
ii.    SARAH WILMOT, b. 8 March 1662/63; d. 1731; m. (1) THOMAS HOTCHKISS, 27 November 1677; b. 31 August 1654; d. 21 December 1711; m. (2) DANIEL SPERRY, Abt. 1713; b. Abt. 1665.
iii.    WILLIAM WILMOT, b. 17 October 1665.
iv.    JOHN WILMOT, b. 20 January 1666/67; m. SARAH CLARK; b. 24 October 1671.
v.    ANNA WILMOT, b. 26 February 1669/70; m. (1) BENJAMIN LINES; m. (2) PETER CARRINGTON.
vi.    ALEXANDER WILMOT, b. 13 December 1672.
vii.    TABITHA WILMOT, b. 12 November 1675; d. 15 December 1675.
viii.    MARY WILMOT, b. 7 January 1676/77; d. 23 October 1742; m. (1) JOSEPH DORMAN, 24 August 1693, New Haven, CT; d. 27 July 1712; m. (2) BENJAMIN WOODEN, 22 April 1718; b. 1680.
ix.    THOMAS WILMOT, b. 21 September 1679.
x.    ELIZABETH WILMOT, b. 24 March 1681/82, New Haven, CT; d. 1758; m. RICHARD SPERRY, 19 May 1709, New Haven, CT; b. 19 December 1681, New Haven, New Haven Co., CT; d. 1740.



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