Sarah Blackman

The following was excerpted from “Notes” by Donald Lines Jacobus, in The American Genealogist, Vol. 10, No. 4, pages 160-161.

“The statement is made that Sarah, eldest daughter of the said James [Blakeman], was born 25 April 1658, and m. (1) 20 Aug. 1677, John Todd of New Haven, Conn., and (2) — Cunny. Since she was called Cunny in 1689 in her father’s will, it cannot be disputed that she had a husband of that name. The statement of a prior marriage to John Todd is based on the record of marriage of John Todd to Sarah Blackman on 20 Aug. 1677 [printed New Haven Vital Records, vol. 1, p. 43]. However, another record [ib., vol. 1, p. 69] informs us that Sarah wife of John Todd died in childbed, 10 Dec. 1688. This precludes the possibility of a second marriage of the widow of John Todd, and since we know that James Blackman’s daughter Sarah was living in 1689 and then the wife of a Cunny, it could not have been she who married John Todd. Very strong circumstantial evidence leads to the conclusion that Sarah, daughter of James Blackman, was identical with Sarah the first wife of John Coney of Boston, who died 17 Apr. 1694. His second wife was Mary (Atwater) Clark, a first cousin of Sarah Blackman; and he had a brother and a sister who settled in Stratford, Conn., the home of the Blackmans. “Cunny” is of course an old spelling for Coney…

The question remains: who was Sarah Blackman, the wife of John Todd, since she cannot be identified with the daughter of James Blackman? It is possible that she was a daughter of John and Dorothy (Smith) Blackman of Stratford. The will of John mentioned children, but only one son by name; the will of Dorothy named only sons and children of sons. Dorothy survived Sarah (Blackman) Todd, who, if daughter of John and Dorothy, might have received her full portion at marriage.

The suggestion that Todd’s wife could have been the Sarah Blackman, daughter of John of Dorchester, Mass., who was born there probably about 1654-55, is negatived by a conveyance in Suffolk Deeds, vol. 25, p. 59, which proves that that Sarah was still living in Mar. 1693/4, when her name was still Blackman, while Todd’s wife had died in 1688.  – D. L. J.”