HOW, Jeremiah & Elizabeth (Peck)

Cliff McCarthy, 2016
Last Updated 21 October 2017

Four families named How (or Howe) were living at New Haven early on. The males were Jeremy and Ephraim, who were brothers, and Zachariah (Sr.), and Nathaniel, who were sons of Jeremy. After about two decades at New Haven, all of these men moved their families to Wallingford, Conn., in either 1670 or 1672.

Jeremiah How, Jr. was a son of Jeremy and his wife Elizabeth. He was born 8 July 1650 at New Haven. Before the family moved to Wallingford, the young Jeremiah was brought before the New Haven court in 1668/69 for “his being out unseasonably”. This time, he was “past with a serious admonition at present, & was told if it was not reformed they must take a further Courte with him.”

Jeremiah (Jr.) How and Elizabeth Peck were married at Wallingford, Connecticut on 29 October 1674. Elizabeth Peck was the daughter of Deacon Paul Peck and his wife, Martha (Hale) Peck of Hartford, Connecticut. In 1667 and 1668, the Governor John Winthrop, Jr., a practicing physician, made entries in his medical journal that referred to Elizabeth Peck as a teenager complaining of swelling in one leg.

Jeremiah was a farmer in Wallingford. In 1678, the New Haven Town Meeting chose him constable, along with Samuel Alling.

Elizabeth (Peck) How died in 1704 in Wallingford and Jeremiah married the widow Mary (Mallory) Roberts Cook the following year. It is claimed in some sources that Jeremiah and Mary had children, but Mary’s age of more than 50 years would seem to preclude that.

Jeremiah died at age 90 in 1740. Mary, three times a widow, lived until age 96, dying in 1752.


Children of Jeremiah & Elizabeth (Peck) HOW

JEREMIAH HOW was born 8 July 1650 in New Haven, New Haven Co., CT, and died 22 September 1740 in Wallingford, CT.  He married (1) ELIZABETH PECK 29 October 1674 in Wallingford, CT, daughter of PAUL PECK and MARTHA HALE.  She was born 1654, and died 4 October 1704 in Wallingford, CT.  He married (2) MARY (MALLORY) ROBERTS COOK on 9 April 1705 in Wallingford, CT.  She was born 28 November 1656 in New Haven, New Haven Co., CT, and died 17 September 1752. The Children of JEREMIAH HOW and ELIZABETH PECK are:

i.    JEREMIAH HOW, b. 15 September 1675, Wallingford, CT; m. (1) JUDITH COOK; b. 29 February 1679/80, Wallingford, CT; m. (2) ELIZABETH CULVER, 17 December 1701, Wallingford, CT; m. (3) MARY COOK, 7 July 1708, Wallingford, CT; b. 15 July 1678, Salem, MA.
ii.    BATHSHEBA HOW, b. 13 September 1677, Wallingford, CT; d. 20 October 1759, Middletown, Middlesex Co., CT; m. (1) JOHN[2] STOW, May 1698, Middletown, Middlesex Co., CT; b. 3 March 1671/72, Middletown, Middlesex Co., CT; d. 1722, Middletown, Middlesex Co., CT; m. (2) DANIEL HUBBARD, 27 December 1722, Middletown, Middlesex Co., CT; b. 16 December 1673, Hartford, Hartford Co., CT; d. 24 November 1758.
iii.    EPHRAIM HOW, b. 20 February 1680/81.
iv.    MARTHA HOW, b. 2 August 1684; m. FRANCIS HENDRICK.
v.    MARY HOW, b. 22 September 1687, Wallingford, CT; m. JOHN ALLEN; b. 27 September 1686, Middletown, Middlesex Co., CT.
vi.    EBENEZER HOW, b. 3 March 1689/90.
vii.    ELIZABETH HOW, m. THEOPHILUS DOOLITTLE; b. 26 July 1678, Wallingford, CT; d. March 1739/40, Wallingford, CT.
viii.    RUTH HOW, b. Wallingford, CT; m. DANIEL TUTTLE, 18 October 1716, Wallingford, CT; b. 11 November 1680, New Haven, New Haven Co., CT; d. 12 August 1747, Wallingford, CT.



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